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I’m Abhishek Dobriyal.

Aspirant Product Designer

A few things I am good at

I am Product Designer and can help you design new meaningful products from conceptual idea on the principles of minimalist, humane centric scientific approach. Products that simplistic to use and are of great value to your customers and users.
I can aid you with high-quality 3D CAD engineering prototypes models, simulations and preparation for production of the products.


I help research, explore, define potential design risk of the conceptual idea to build a definitive road map of the product development and use case challenge.
I conceptualize, prove out and refine your ideas to enable human centric development solutions based on market research feedback. 


Product development is all about details. It is the part of the design process that defines the final quality of a product. During the process of product development I interact to optimize the design for manufacturability and assembly, according to design rules.
 I  iterate solutions to perfection faster than you can think.


Communication Design services span across Brand Identity Design, Video Production, Print, Exhibition & Retail Design, Package Design to mention just a few.
Film and animation capabilities helps simplify complex concepts into small bits that become extremely vital assets for engagement and communication.

My Story

A Visual Story Teller where design and functions combine together to form futuristic products

I love my life, I love it the most as I have chosen childhood passion and the best work of all – Design. I am an industrial design student from India and currently studying at School of Industrial Design, Karnavati University. My passion is to understand every working principle, from simple mechanical solution to complex system. I was fascinated by the play of pencils and colors on any medium that I would convert to dance floor with strong support of my mother who being artist always fueled my imaginations. 



I have developed design thinking on principles of “science of design” – employing human centric, sustainability , collaborative approach and power of simplicity. I want to be able to make an impact where ever I work through innovation and technology incorporation.

Pizza Cutter

Project Work for redesign of the conventional Pizza Cutter.

Designer’s Work Bench

Project Work for design of Workbench for Designer offering flexibility and organisation

Assisted Drinking Mug

Project Work for designing Assisted Drinking Aid for patients with impaired hand mobility.

Work with Me!

I can be part of your TEAM


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“Product design is problem-solving, as energizing and satisfying as solving a complicated puzzle and I am good at it.”
I have started to work as a freelance as a part of time allocated from my day to day learning process. I could be part of your team as remote member or work as independent for product development, bringing the concept to a functional prototype.

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