Product Designs - Assisted Drinking Aid

Assisted Drinking Aid

Pain free first cup of coffee


Osteoporosis and other age related ailment are responsible for degenerating muscle induced ailment wherein patients cannot hold the mug/cup of tea / coffee. Joint impairment has recently become the second most reported ailment, around 22% of people above 55 years suffer from osteoporosis/arthritis. These patients have to resort to products that have been designed to be used by infant both in Indian as well as International market. 


The way we hold the cup or mug in case the handle would not have been there was the starting point of my study of hand anthropometry. The weight distribution of the mug was then divided to be borne by both the palm and thumb, hence modified by adding a handle for the thumb and enlarging the conventional handle to accommodate the palm. I used a plastic glass and created prototype using plastic clay with help of my grandmother who was inspiration for selecting the issue. The prototype was then modelled using 3D software.