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Modular Plein Air Watercolor Brush Set


Plein Air or on-spot painting in ambient environment is the favorite outdoor technique professed mainly by watercolor artist. Watercolor artist swear by painting live scenes directly on paper outdoor, but they are plagued by fact that they need to carry lot of equipment like easel, water and mainly brushes. Changing brushes frequently is major bottle neck in finishing the composition within time frame maintaining consistency in the natural sun light exposure.


A typical watercolor brush comprises of hair tip, glued to ferrule, which is crimped to tapered handle. The structural element was broken into three component, the hair and ferrule remained, the crimp was converted to threaded component and tapered wooden handle was replaced with flexible silicon water tank and balanced by a screw cap to balance. During painting the water is supplied to tip by gently squeezing the sac, and various type of brush head can be screwed depending on requirement hence not necessitating to carry numerous brushes during outdoor painting.