Product Design - Protello : face shield for Covid-19

Protello – Covid19 Face Shield

Nature inspired flexible face shield against Covid-19


Midst COVID-19 pandemic, world has been observing many changes in human behavior (sanitizing, wearing masks, social distancing, and what not in keeping themselves safe. Apart from health workers, online / offline delivery workers carried out commendable job. 

Health workers had PPE for themselves but the delivery boy who delivered me the first stock of essential during this lockdown had only mask on under the helmet, and I thought of working out a solution to have flexible face-shield that could be effective in his protection both from Covid-19 and the hot weather in India.


The inspiration was derived from the defensive body structure of Armadillo, which consequent upon envisaging threat coils itself into ball. The collapsible mechanism pivoted around the fulcrum makes it simple to adjust and cover the whole face anytime anywhere.  The face shield is easy to assemble and can be attached to a backpack, while driving delivery boy only requires to pull it over his face, and retract upon reaching desination.