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Workshop on Product Design

Aspirant Product Designer

Workshop on Product Design

Workshop on Work Bench Design

We had a group workshop titled ” Solution to improve daily experience of designer’s workbench” as part of module during second semester of B.Des bachelor degree program. It followed a complete workflow involved in analysis of a product, finding problems and then generating series of solution to find an enhanced experience with the product. A detailed research was carried out by the team, employing both primary research – where in we carried out brain storming as well as interviewed students from our own university as well as visiting the esteemed National Institute of Design (NID). We visited industrial design companies manufacturing work benches in Ahmadabad and secondary research by searching internet employing various search engines.

The research helped in identifying the problems in terms of inconvenience using the existing workbenches in our institutes and then formulating the design statement. We utilized various tools like generating persona boards, inspiration board leading to concept generation, followed by proto-typing and later utilizing the power of computer to render the proto-type as real product.

The complete presentation that was delivered as part of completion of the project is presented as flip book.

As part of learning 3D proto-typing in 3rd Semester, I tried improving the earlier design using Fusion 360 and now I can convert the design into real product.

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